"Shopping at the bookstalls /cuba "    11 1/2"x11 1/2 " fr.  

"Resort in cancun"  12"x18"

"Trinidad" 12"x 18" - behind a restaurant in trinidad.

"Havana  neighborhood" 12"x18"  -some of the homes have been renovated by foreign embassies.

"Female,Male" / 12"x18"  - one of the works of the Santeria religion, afro-cuban.

"End of the embassy" / 12"x18"

the old american embassy in cuba.

      "Cuba then and now 2014"  10"x 20" mounted-view

                      from the fort, no photoshop   


"Scene on the way from trinidad to havana"  12"x18"

"A  park in cuba" 12"x18"  -a stream inside a park in havana.